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“Absolutely delighted with the professionalism”

Absolutely delighted with the professionalism, kindness, responsiveness and support of these young people throughout our project. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to develop our restaurant so quickly. They were always available to make the connection with my ideas. I highly recommend Esekai.

Monsieur Mi

“Just amazing”

The product communication plan made us aware of our shortcomings in marketing our service offering. Since then, in just two months, we've already put a lot of things in place. It was invaluable for us to be able to benefit from this support tailored to our needs and expectations.

Kibo No Ki

“Super Efficient!”

They were incredibly easy to work with throughout the project. It was easy to get in touch with them, to understand what they were doing, and they went out of their way to show us the value of their work. They stressed the importance of being able to track things, and helped us set up a better way of knowing which efforts were effective and which were not.

Nouilles Ceintures

“Great design team”

The whole team was very responsive in creating the visual identity for our brand. I was very pleased with the turnaround time.

Chez Ajia

“I recommend 100%!”

They are incredibly fast and informative in the way they work with us. It's easy to see that they not only understand how marketing works, but are able to relay information in a way that our community can. I never felt that they were talking over me throughout the project. Young and dynamic team, I recommend them 100%!

Shodai Matcha

“A team of creative geniuses”

Thanks to Esekai's team of creative geniuses, our sweet dream became an online reality! They designed a gorgeous website and helped us attract foodies with a mouth-watering social media strategy.

Molle Patisserie

“Modern design”

Many thanks to Esekai for bringing our vision to life on the web. Their modern, energetic design perfectly reflects the spirit of our studio. We're delighted with our collaboration!

Studio Fitness Vitalité

“Belle Miss Paris shines online!”

Belle Miss Paris shines online, thanks to the expertise of Esekai! They captured the essence of our brand in every aspect of our website and visual identity. Brilliant work!

Belle Miss Paris

“Esekai has made our restaurant irresistible”

Esekai has made our restaurant irresistible online! Their appetizing website and social media management have amplified our digital presence and attracted new diners.

Saveurs Exquises

“Thank you”

We found the perfect partner in Esekai for our eco-responsible boutique. Their eco-friendly website has captured the essence of our brand and our products.


“Thanks to Esekai for bringing the magic”

Thank you to Esekai for bringing the magic of our coffee shop online! Their engaging social media strategy has created a loyal community of fans.


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